“Friends, let us not parade our love in words or talk only; but let us show it in deeds and make it real.” – The Apostle John

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

What Do You Have? - LTLA Update - November 2023

 Greetings LTLA Friends,

The standard question that is used when helping the poor is, "What do you need?" As a team this past month, we were encouraged to consider asking the poor to whom we minister the following question, "What do you have?" The first question focuses on the challenges of life while the alternate question focuses on the opportunities that exist.

There are a couple of passages that speak about God's perspective on what we need in life. The first is 2 Peter 1:3 which states, "His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness." The second is Matthew 6:31-33, "So do not worry saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." 

As we can see, God knows our needs and has provided everything we need for our life on this earth, both physically and spiritually. That needs to be our focus as we minister to the materially poor, helping them seek God and his ways first so that they can see how he will provide for their needs. Asking, "What do you have?," helps them focus on what God has already provided for them. It then launches us into helping them trust God with using what he has given them to provide for what they need.

This was the principle lesson we learned along with many other principles as we spent 7 days working through the Helping Without Hurting in Africa material. This resource was developed by one of the authors of the book, "When Helping Hurts," along with two poverty alleviation practitioners in Africa, a Ugandan and long-term American missionary. Arthur Nhau, LTLA Director in Zimbabwe, and Shelton Nhundu, LTLA Community Ministry team leader, helped me facilitate the sessions. It covers a broad spectrum of topics because poverty is a complex problem. We anticipate we will review the material on an ongoing basis along with asking the Lord to continue showing us how to advance his kingdom among orphans, widows and the poor to whom we minister.

As I have been sharing in recent updates, our ministry is facing a financial shortfall as we end this year. Worldwide inflation, a growing ministry, and some emergency expenses have contributed to this shortfall. We are preparing to make significant adjustments in our operating budget for next year to work with what we have, applying the key principle we have learned to our own ministry. We ask that you pray for us as we continue to trust the Lord and steward his provision for his work through LIfe to Life Africa.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and financial support that sustain this ministry!

Mike Sulc
Life to Life Africa

Arthur, LTLA Director in Zimbabwe, (standing by the door) facilitating a Helping Without Hurting in Africa session.

The LTLA Team praying for our ministry in the two photos above.

Shelton, LTLA Community Ministry team leader, (standing) facilitating a Helping Without Hurting in Africa session.

LTLA Team taking a break from the Helping Without Hurting in Africa sessions to sing praises to the Lord.

        LTLA College Ministry group singing praises to the Lord before their meeting on November 10.

Mike Sulc helping Critical Care Center orphans build with Legos donated by Team Neutrino, a high school robotics team from Ames, IA.

Impacting Three Generations - LTLA Newsletter - Nov 2023

 Dear LTLA Friends,

On this "Giving Tuesday," I am sending our year-end newsletter highlighting the impact that Life to Life Africa is having. We are grateful for your interest and support that makes this ministry possible. Thank you for considering helping us continue the impact we are having among orphans, widows and the poor in Zimbabwe. See the bottom of the email for how you can make a donation.

Psalm 78:3-7 is a passage of scripture that caught my attention thirty years ago as a vision passage for ministry. In this passage, we see God’s heart for generations of people as he commanded the Israelite forefathers to teach their children his commands and to speak of his glorious deeds, his power and the wonders he has done. It describes three generations of impact, with fathers teaching their children “so the next generation would know… and they in turn would tell their children.”(Ps 78:6) Life to Life Africa is seeking to have this level of impact in our ministry as we labor to see one generation speaking of the Lord to other generations with the result that, “they will set their hope (trust) in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.” (Ps 78:7, ESV & NIV)

As an example of reaching multiple generations, we are ministering to a family that we met when our attention was drawn to the local landfill two years ago. Eva Nyamangara, the grandmother, is attending the LTLA Women of Hope meetings while her son, Last Gomo, participates in the Men of Hope meetings and his children, James & Patience, enjoy the weekly LTLA Youth Bible Study. At that time, the family had nowhere else to live after being forced off the farm where Eva worked up until the early 2000’s. She worked for a white Zimbabwean farmer who lost his farm when the government instituted land reform and allowed black Zimbabweans to take land by force. Because she worked for a white Zimbabwean, she was also forced off the land. Eva settled at the landfill where she put up a shelter for her and her son so they could be close by to collect recyclables for resale to make a living.

                                        Last Gomo, James Gomo, Eva Nyamangara & Patience Gomo

Shelton, LTLA Community Ministry team leader, shared the Gospel with Last and he responded in faith. They meet together most every week so that Shelton can read the Bible to him since Last cannot read. They memorize verses together so he can reflect on the truths and apply them into his life. Shelton encouraged Eva and Last to move away from the landfill for a better environment for his kids. They have taken that step but it is not easy as they survive on $50 per month. Through sponsors, our ministry is covering the cost of school for James and Patience. Going to school was something their father and grandmother never experienced. They are, however, hearing about God through their father and grandmother along with what they are learning at the LTLA Youth Bible Study.

                                                            Shelton (left) meeting with Last.

To continue impacting three generations for Christ in Zimbabwe, we are in need of financial support. We are ending this year on slim financial margins after averaging $17,000 monthly in expenses, so we are asking for special gifts and increased monthly support to carry us through next year. We are also sending Simba & Pamela, a young couple that we have trained, to Mutare, the third largest city, where they will speak of God and his Son, Jesus Christ, to young and old as they trust God to have a multi-generational impact there. Thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with us.

To give you can send a check payable to:

Life to Life Africa
PMB 344
10151 University Blvd
Orlando, FL 32817

For an online option, you can use "Bill Pay" from your online bank account. Here are the details that you may need for sending money to the Life to Life Ministry bank account:

Account #: 586600386
Routing #: 267084131
Account Name: Life to Life Ministry
Account Address: PMB 344, 10151 University Blvd, Orlando, FL 32817
Account Phone #: 407-657-8129
Account Email: ltlcunneen@gmail.com
Memo/Note: You can write "LTLA" if given an option to designate the gift.

Please contact me if you have any questions related to making a donation.

Grateful for your prayer and financial support!

Mike Sulc
Life to Life Africa

Happy Thanksgiving From LTLA

 Thanksgiving Greetings, LTLA Supporters!

The Life to Life Africa team counts it a huge blessing to partner in ministry with each of you!  As we gather here in the US to celebrate Thanksgiving, the LTLA team in Zimbabwe are gathering to pray for God's blessing on our ministry efforts and for his blessings on those who partner with us in prayer and financial support. Your support makes it possible for this ministry to take the great news of Jesus to the poor, the brokenhearted and those in bondage. (Isaiah 61:1)

It is our prayer that you experience the deep love of God through Christ during this Thanksgiving and Christmas season. (Ephesians 3:16-19)

For the LTLA team,
Mike Sulc

P.S. I am grateful to Thomas Gilbert, President of Life to Life Ministries, who travels to Zimbabwe to minister with and to the LTLA team. (Thomas pictured below with the LTLA team in March 2023)

P.S.S. I am also grateful to Jim Cunneen along with the Life to Life Ministries Board of Directors who support and provide counsel to the work of LTLA. (The LTLM Board of Directors pictured below at our meeting last Saturday where we celebrated the ministry's 25th anniversary.)

Continue Praying - LTLA Prayer Bulletin - October 2023

Praying Friends, 

Thank you for your prayers this past month for our ministry. Arthur, Shelton and I are sensing God's presence with us as we prepare to meet together with key team members this week and next to work through some material that will help us evaluate and plan our efforts to lead vulnerable people into a trusting relationship with Christ in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe. 

Here is how you can pray each day: 

 Tues, Oct 31- We would be renewed in our passion and unity for Christ's calling and mission for our ministry. We would fully grasp that poverty is broken relationships in all spheres of a person's life. 

 Wed, Nov 1- We would understand how broken relationships have impacted life in the African context. We would see how to fight poverty through reconciliation efforts. We would understand the time and place for relief, rehabilitation and development efforts. 

 Thurs, Nov 2- We would consider how to apply asset-based community development efforts in our ministry context. We would be compelled to work for the Glory of God. 

 Fri, Nov 3- Pray for emotional and spiritual healing for a few team members who are struggling. Pray our team will develop in leading people to Christ for healing. 

 Sat, Nov 4- Pray for our team as we engage in discipleship meetings with the youth and with the Men & Women of Hope. 

 Sun, Nov 5- We would rest and be renewed in the glory and presence of God. 

 Mon, Nov 6- We would understand the impact of our "worldview" on our lives.We would not be overwhelmed by the broken systems in Zimbabwe but find hope through Christ to help bring change. We would embrace the growth that comes through suffering in the Christian life and not be seduced by the false claims of the prosperity gospel. 

 Tues, Nov 7- We would see the effects of our culture on how we handle money. We would understand how transformation happens in the lives of people. We would see the value of community participation to bring about change. 

 Wed, Nov 8- We would learn the key principles for benevolence ministry. We would clearly see the opportunities and challenges for an urban ministry. We would be open to short-term ministry opportunities in other communities. 

 Thurs, Nov 9- We would learn how to partner well with those who join us for short-term mission visits. We would develop an action plan of what God wants us to do in response to all these areas we have examined. 

 Fri, Nov 10- Pray the team leaders along with the board trustees are able to make God directed decisions that will guide the work of LTLA toward accomplishing the mission to which God has called us. 

 Sat, Nov 11- Pray for fruitful interactions with other ministries that are taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor. We want to learn from them and collaborate as the Lord directs. 

 Sun, Nov 1- Praise God with us as we worship Him for his love and the hope he brings to this broken world through his Son, Jesus Christ! 

 Thank you for partnering with us in prayer! 

 Mike Sulc 
 Life to Life Africa

One of Many - LTLA Update - Oct 2023

 Greetings Again LTLA Friends,

There are many life change stories for those whom Life to Life Africa has impacted. Itai, pictured below wearing an Overflow Thrift Store t-shirt alongside Mrs. Bangira, is one of those stories. Below you can also view a video of Itai sharing about her involvement with the LTLA Community Ministry team (once again, we thank Hopevale Church and Pete Carlson for producing this video. We are grateful for your partnership in this way).

Itai describes her early life as, "horrible," having had no parental guidance from divorced parents and having to be married at 19 because she got pregnant. After her fourth child was born, her husband died leaving her as a widow to care for children and grandchildren. That is when she became a beneficiary of Life to Life Africa receiving food assistance and training in how to grow food for her family. Itai shares the spiritual impact LTLA has had in her life

"Most importantly is that I learned about having a relationship with God through Christ. The Bible studies and individual spiritual mentoring I received changed my life. I am a new person and now I counsel others when they are in trouble that God is the only one who can save and redeem us from all our problems. Thank you for your support of this ministry that changed my life."

As an LTLA Community Ministry team member, Itai is mentoring widows like Mrs. Bangira (pictured below with Itai) who once lived in a tent, but now lives in a house. She parented her daughter with the principles she learned from attending the LTLA Women of Hope meetings and that daughter built the house in the photo for her family and her mother.  

What a blessing to be part of what God is doing through this ministry!

Mike Sulc
Life to Life Africa
                                                          Itai, LTLA Team Member, with Mrs. Bangira


Monday, October 16, 2023

Would You Pray? - LTLA Update - Sept 2023

 Greetings LTLA Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and comforting words with the loss of my brother. My family has certainly experienced the Lord's sustaining grace. Would you also pray for the Life to Life Africa leadership team? It has been a challenging year and, like Moses (Exodus 33:12-16), we are needing the Lord's presence to be with us as we face the faith opportunities that lie ahead.
Arthur, LTLA Director in Zimbabwe, Shelton, LTLA Community Ministry team leader, and I are preparing to facilitate sessions in early November with key members of the LTLA team to examine how we are accomplishing the mission to which the Lord has called us. It is the mission he commanded when saying, "go and make disciples of all nations," (Matthew 28:19) with the vision to see a multiplying movement as described in Psalm 78:3-7 that would lead to "the least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation." (Isaiah 60:22) 
We are facing a financial shortfall and will need to make decisions about decreasing expenses. Inflation, a growing ministry, and emergency expenses have increased our operating budget this year. These issues are not a surprise to the Lord and he is drawing us into a deeper trust in him for the needed provision. Thank you for your faithful support through the years and extra gifts earlier this year which have enabled us to continue discipling the old and the young generations in Chinhoyi.
One life you have impacted through your support is that of Simba Mangore. Simba came to Chinhoyi at the age of 4 as an orphan to live with his aunt & uncle. He came to faith in Christ during high school through the LTLA youth Bible study and the ministry assisted him in getting a mechanical engineering degree. He felt God's call to join the LTLA ministry and the video below describes his ministry focus with young adults. In the video he shares his plans to expand the work of LTLA to a new city next year. (We thank Hopevale Church and Pete Carlson for producing this video last year, prior to Simba's wedding.) Simba traveled to Mutare two weeks ago to "spy out" the land and reports the following:
Strengths- I ascertained that the people are very welcoming and mostly from one tribe which makes them peaceful.
Weaknesses/Threats- Prosperity gospel is prevalent in the churches and the African traditional religious sect which a majority follow promotes polygamy and forces girls to marry as early as 14.
Opportunities- There is a sizable population of young adults in the city with the presence of three colleges and two universities.

LTLA: Simba (Video):


Excited to be a part of the least becoming a thousand!

Mike Sulc
Life to Life Africa

Home With The Lord - LTLA Update - Sept 2023


Dear LTLA Friends,

The good Lord called my older brother, Mark, home to heaven this past Saturday after a two year battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive terminal brain cancer. He had a big influence in my life, setting the example of walking with Jesus throughout his life. These last two years he delighted in sharing how the Lord was drawing him ever closer to Him preparing him for his eternal home. Mark's final coherent thoughts were expressing his desire for his family to join him at the banquet table in heaven. (Isaiah 25:6-9) 

You can read about his journey these last two years at: 

And here is the obituary that details his life:

I will really miss his encouraging support and wise counsel. My prayer is that my life will reflect his enduring faith in and love for Christ that he shared freely with everyone he met. What a blessed reunion it will be at the Lord's banquet table in heaven!

Sorrowful yet rejoicing in the hope of glory through Christ, 

Mike Sulc
Life to Life Africa

Mike (foreground) sailing with Mark in June 2021 prior to his diagnosis. Sailing was a favorite hobby for Mark and his wife Sally.